Saturday, October 2, 2010

24 hours in the life of Ray Comfort.

Ray Said:

Noah buddy...what am I going to do today? Let's see how good you are :).

That's not too hard. As I mentioned, you're a creature of habit.

How's this? 24 hours good enough? This of course is based on what I have gathered from your blogs, pasts posts, events both online and offline.

The price you pay for being such a media whore I suppose. Since posting it here is too big I will post in on my own blog "men with masks". Good enough for you?

01:00 Asleep Entering REM sleep
02:00 -
03:00 -
04:00 -
05:00 Ending REM Sleep going to wakeful stage
06:00 Awake. Going through "morning ritual" (Personal hygene and breakfast)
07:00 -
08:00 Going to LWP HQ. You will use the company vehicle as you need to stock up on tracts and other gimmicks, As you don't personally "own" a vehicle and you can't carry cargo on a bike to Huntington Beach. Besides from LWP HQ to Huntington beach it's precisely 30-45 minutes by car alone By the I-605 S and I-405 S. Doing this by bike would take too long (around 1 h 45 minutes. I'd add another 20 minutes for rehydrating and breaks).

09:00 -Rendez-vous point with rest of your crew at your church in the "vincinity of Huntington Beach" (Come on Ray, I know it's not a life-changer, but I respect the innocent church-goers who would be "caught in the crossfire" by NOT revealing the name of said church).
10:00 -Begining of small service and "Game Plan" (You were expecting 20 Atheists were you not? You had to brief your camera crew and your evangelists.)
11:00 -
12:00 - Lunch.
13:00 - Setting up the soapboax.
14:00 -
15:00 -
16:00 -
17:00 - Dismantling the soapboax. Heading back to church for "de-briefing" then dinner.
18:00 -
19:00 - Heading home. Family time.
20:00 -
21:00 -
22:00 - Going to bed. It was a long day now wasn't it?
23:00 -
24:00 -

Mind you, it's not precise to a T, but as you can see, It's not rocket science either.


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