Saturday, October 2, 2010

24 hours in the life of Ray Comfort.

Ray Said:

Noah buddy...what am I going to do today? Let's see how good you are :).

That's not too hard. As I mentioned, you're a creature of habit.

How's this? 24 hours good enough? This of course is based on what I have gathered from your blogs, pasts posts, events both online and offline.

The price you pay for being such a media whore I suppose. Since posting it here is too big I will post in on my own blog "men with masks". Good enough for you?

01:00 Asleep Entering REM sleep
02:00 -
03:00 -
04:00 -
05:00 Ending REM Sleep going to wakeful stage
06:00 Awake. Going through "morning ritual" (Personal hygene and breakfast)
07:00 -
08:00 Going to LWP HQ. You will use the company vehicle as you need to stock up on tracts and other gimmicks, As you don't personally "own" a vehicle and you can't carry cargo on a bike to Huntington Beach. Besides from LWP HQ to Huntington beach it's precisely 30-45 minutes by car alone By the I-605 S and I-405 S. Doing this by bike would take too long (around 1 h 45 minutes. I'd add another 20 minutes for rehydrating and breaks).

09:00 -Rendez-vous point with rest of your crew at your church in the "vincinity of Huntington Beach" (Come on Ray, I know it's not a life-changer, but I respect the innocent church-goers who would be "caught in the crossfire" by NOT revealing the name of said church).
10:00 -Begining of small service and "Game Plan" (You were expecting 20 Atheists were you not? You had to brief your camera crew and your evangelists.)
11:00 -
12:00 - Lunch.
13:00 - Setting up the soapboax.
14:00 -
15:00 -
16:00 -
17:00 - Dismantling the soapboax. Heading back to church for "de-briefing" then dinner.
18:00 -
19:00 - Heading home. Family time.
20:00 -
21:00 -
22:00 - Going to bed. It was a long day now wasn't it?
23:00 -
24:00 -

Mind you, it's not precise to a T, but as you can see, It's not rocket science either.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ray Comfort: The posts that never made it.

Here is the link to the page mentioned:

It comes complete with the section "Ray's Latest & Will He Ban it?

On site:

We'll try to place a copy of the content that Ray puts up on his site for discussion over here (With an appropriate link and attribution of course). If you think Ray will ban your comments, post 'em here for posterity.

So there Citizens of the web, see how this lying scumbag is. Peruse through those archives and learn what this clown refuses to confess to.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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